A vTour is an online Virtual Event, designed to make golf fun!  It's a new concept in tournament golf, where you compete at your own convenience... then post your scores within the event dates and have a chance to win great prizes!

 If you have time to PLAY, you have time to WIN!

  1. First, REGISTER to play in the vTour from this site.  There is no charge to register.  You must be an MSGA member, of any age. You will need your MSGA Login.  If you don't know your login, please contact the MSGA at support@msgagolf.org.
  2. PLAY an 18-hole round at your own convenience, with another person, at any course you choose, and within the event dates.
  3. POST your score either online (www.msgagolf.org), with the MSGA Smartphone app, or at the course kiosk... just like you would a regular score. The system will automatically assign it to the vTour event.  You can post multiple scores, and the best net score will be counted.  Both regular and tournament scores can be included in the vTour.  Scores must be posted BY THE LAST DAY OF THE EVENT, or they will not count.
  4. The Leaderboard is displayed at the end of the tournament.  Everyone has a chance to win!  PLAYER PRIZES will be randomly awarded among players.  Winners will be notified by e-mail.  The top Leaderboard contenders will be assigned ballots toward an end-of-season GRAND PRIZE drawing.

What Scores Can I Post?

You can post any score that was played on or between the start and end dates of the event.  The score must be an 18-hole score, played at any golf course that has an official USGA course rating and slope.  The system will accept both Adjusted Gross Scores and Hole-by-Hole scores.  If entering a Hole-by-Hole score, please make sure you enter your gross score for each hole, NOT the ESC score (the system will automatically adjust your score). 

You do not need to mark your score as a Tournament score for the vTour, UNLESS it was played in a Course, Regional, or State tournament.  Both regular and tournament scores count in the vTour.

The lowest NET score in each tournament will win.  The net score is determined using the following calculation:

Net = (Differential) - (Course Handicap)

For example, if a player has a Handicap Index of 4.1, and they play a golf course with Course Rating=72.8 and Slope=130, and shoot a 77, their differential is a 3.7 and their Course Handicap is a 5.  The final net score, (-1.3).

Note:  Maximum Handicap Index for Men is 36.4 and for Women is 40.4.  If your Index is above these levels, it will be adjusted to the maximum before calculating the net score.  Net ties will be broken using the lowest differential.