What is the MSGA vTour Series?

The MSGA vTour Series is a season-long competition for golfers looking to add some fun and friendly competition to their normal golf routine.  The MSGA vTour, powered by Golfnet, incorporates the USGA Handicap System, allowing golfers of all abilities to compete on an equitable basis.  This online tour eliminates the geographical constraints of traditional tournaments while maintaining a friendly and competitive environment for a wide range of golfers.  It's as easy as Registering, Playing, and Posting for your chance to WIN great prizes.

I have a high handicap.  Is this event for me?

Yes.  The USGA Handicap System allows golfers of all abilities to compete on an equitable basis.  Members who have established a valid handicap index will be recognized in the system, and scores entered will be adjusted automatically based on the Handicap Formula. This adjustment will place players of various handicaps on an equal level. 

I am not a member of the MSGA... am I able to compete in the MSGA vTour Series?

No.  The MSGA vTour Series is a MSGA membership benefit available exclusively to MSGA members.  For more information on member benefits and how to become an MSGA member, please visit www.msgagolf.org/join-the-msga, or contact us at support@msgagolf.org.

I am an MSGA member but do not have a login (username and password).

All MSGA members are assigned a username and password when they are added to the Handicap System.  If you do not know yours, please contact us at support@msgagolf.org.

When can I register?

Check the event page for the opening and closing dates of registration.  Members are free to participate in all events.  You can register for more than one event at a time.

Why do you need my birthday in order to register?

This is a required field, but will only be used for future events, if there is an age restriction.  This information will be kept private and not shared with a third party.

What courses can I play?

You are free to play at any course that has an official USGA course rating and slope.  A list of MSGA courses can be found at www.msgagolf.org/course-search.

How do I post my score to the event?

Simply post your 18-hole score as you normally would through the MSGA handicap system, whether online at www.msgagolf.org, with the MSGA Smartphone App, or at the course kiosk.  If you have registered FIRST, the score will be automatically routed to the vTour event, if the score was played and posted during the event dates.  If you play and post multiple rounds during the event, the system will replace your current event score with any score that results in a lower net score.  BE SURE TO POST YOUR SCORE BY THE LAST DAY OF THE EVENT, as the event is closed and final leaderboard displayed on the day following the end of the event.

Do I have to mark my score as a Tournament (T) score?

The vTour will accept both regular and tournament scores.  Therefore, post the score as you played it.  If it was in a Course, Regional, or State tournament, mark it as a "T" score.  Otherwise, it is a regular score.

Do I need to have someone attest my round?

No, this is not required, but it is requested, if the score posting method you choose allows for it.  While it's not unusual for golfers to have exceptional rounds, often considered "the round of their life", the nature of the vTour creates a difficult atmosphere to appreciate the validity of such a round.  If you are the winner of the event, your score history will be reviewed, and any unusual event scores will be investigated.

How is my NET SCORE determined?

Net = (Differential) - (Course Handicap)

For example, if a player has a Handicap Index of 4.1, and they play a golf course with Course Rating=72.8 and Slope=130, and shoot a 77, their differential is a 3.7 and their Course Handicap is a 5.  The final net score, (-1.3).

Note:  Maximum Handicap Index for Men is 36.4 and for Women is 40.4.  If your Index is above these levels, it will be adjusted to the maximum before calculating the net score.  Net ties will be broken using the lowest differential.

Why can't we see the Leaderboard until AFTER the event has ended?

In the spirit of good sportsmanship and to be fair to the other players, the Leaderboard is displayed at the end of each event.

I played and posted my score between the event dates, however it's not showing up on the Leaderboard.

Only rounds played AFTER registration will be counted as eligible scores for any vTour event.  You must also post your score BEFORE the event has ended.  If your score was edited after posting, it is removed from the Leaderboard.  Only 18-hole rounds are included in the vTour.  Any 9-hole rounds are disregarded.

What if I post a score and it is later edited due to an error?

A vTour score that is posted and later edited to correct a mistake is disqualified from the tournament.  It is removed from the Leaderboard.  In the event of a posting error, instead of editing the score, have it deleted and re-added by your club administrator in order to be resubmitted to the vTour.

What kind of prizes can I win?

PLAYER PRIZES will be randomly awarded among the players who have posted scores.  Player prizes vary, and may include prizes from Sun Mountain (apparel & accessories), the MSGA (logoed apparel, balls, & accessories), and other sponsored gifts.  Winners will be notified by e-mail and posted on the event page of this website.  

A GRAND PRIZE drawing will be held at the end of the season.  The top 20 players on the Leaderboard of each event will be awarded points (or ballots) toward the drawing.  The Points Standing will be updated on this website.  The Grand Prize drawing will be held on the Monday after the last event of the season.  A male and female winner will be randomly chosen among the ballots, and winners will be notified by email and posted on this website.  The grand prize for this season's vTour will be announced on the Points Standing page.

Who can I contact if I have an additional question?

You can contact us at support@msgagolf.org.